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Welcome to the XTone Project

The purpose of XTone is to provide a forum to which interested researchers can contribute and access basic descriptive characterizations of as many tone systems as possible.

The database has been set up in such a way that researchers can enter and query data in simple prose with a minimum of effort.

Although a later phase of the project will further encode the data for cross-linguistic comparision, the query system currently in place is designed to provide an immediate benefit to those interested in consulting the growing number of entries.

Xtone is expected to provide an important cross-linguistic "clearing house" of tonal information for descriptive, historical, typological and theoretical studies of tone and prosodic systems in general.

XTone Google Search

You can now search XTone, including all of our language entries, using Google. If you have trouble with the Google search, please try our primary database search, which allows you to specify more precise searches. We have added a Google Search facility to our site in addition to our XTone database searches.


Site Notices and News - Updated 6-30-2005

XTone is back up after a period of about 2 weeks of being offline. We apologize for any inconvenience the downtime may have caused.

New to XTone?

If you are new to the XTone project, you can read more by going to our about page or you can register an account to contribute tone descriptions and language information to the XTone project.

Project Status

The XTone project is currently being tested for general use by interested researchers. After a sufficient number of languages has been added to the database, a more general project announcement will take place. If you would like to contribute a language to the project, go to the add/edit languages page, or click here to create an account if you haven't already done so.

On the right hand column of each page is the project status summary box. It indicates an approximation of the content in the XTone database at the moment.

The most recently added languages are displayed on the left column of the screen.

Trouble with XTone?

If you experience trouble with any aspect of the XTone system, please contact David Allison with information about the problems you are having.

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